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How to Complain About SAPS Poor Service Delivery

Complain at the Department by completing the complaint form which is hereby attached. The complaint can be sent to the following people at the following addresses:

Mzamani Vuma -  ,

Shireen Marsh -, /

Nomfundo Jiyane- 

or fax to (013) 7551398

Phone the department if you do not have fax or e-mail facilities:


Mzamani Vuma – Senior Manager Tel: (013) 755 43984 or 082 729 8015

Shireen Marsh – Manager Tel: (013) 755 4384 / 072 652 5160

Nomfundo Jiyane – Secretary Tel: (013) 755 4384 / 072 632 2452

The department will do the following:

Register your complaint, make a follow up if it has been referred and provide feedback to the client.  If the department does not have compet

following addresses:

Mzamani Vuma -

Shireency to deal with the complaint, such complaint will be sent to the relevant institution and the client or complainant will be informed about such decision.

How to Complain About SAPS Poor Service Delivery